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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
If you're worried about the world running out of bacon and don't want to think about Elisabeth Hasselbeck anymore, you're in luck.

It's Wednesday, which means we're back with 7 more sites to help you cruise right through those mid-week snores.

As always, be sure to vote for your favorites and let us know if you come across any awesome time wasters you think we should feature.

'The Closer We Get To The Election, The Dumber Mitt Romney Appears To Be Getting'
WATCH: 5 Things We Learned From Ann Romney On Leno
WATCH: Conan Slams Elizabeth Hasselbeck
Maybe Bongs Have Gone Too Far
This Is Probably Why We're Running Out Of Bacon
BLOG POSTS Here Are Some Talking Points for Fall TV Shows So You Don't Have to Pretend Like You Watched 'The Mob Doctor'
Since Ryan Lochte is an unreliable narrator, here are the necessary talking points for each talked-about show this fall. We may have just saved your life.
John R. Talbott: Romney's Last Chance: Cheat and Lie
If I were a Republican campaign strategist with lots of cash from wealthy, corporate and banking donors, I would wait until the last two weeks of the election cycle and then flood the airwaves with television commercials that tried to scare Americans on what a second Obama term might look like.
Josh McManus: An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert
Mr. Colbert, you know as well as I do that trashing Detroit is nothing new. And now it seems that you're hooked on the sweet, sweet nectar of a cheap, dirty laugh. I warn you, though: This will be your undoing.
Gavin Shulman: Doomed to Fail: Boycott the NFL
Trust me, I love football more than I love waking up the days a game isn't on, but right now it's not football were watching. It's some three-team sport where you have to hope an athlete makes a play and then an old chemistry teacher doesn't screw it up.
Peter McGraw and Joel Warner: The Danish Cartoon Crisis of 2005 and 2006: 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Original Muhammad Controversy
We traveled to Denmark to investigate the only cartoons ever to be called a human rights violation by the United Nations. We discovered a tale far more complex and surreal than we'd ever imagined.

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