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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
Fall foliage, or at least the first signs of color, was meant to start creeping down the shores of New York's Hudson River this past weekend. So, in search of golden leaves and crisper temperatures, I headed up to New Paltz, New York.
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Conde Nast Traveler: Eye-Catching Airplane Art (PHOTOS)
Planes are not usually the most visually distinct modes of transportation -- most of them sport the airline's logo and nothing else.
Viator: 6 Quirky Things To Do In Seattle
When I tell people I'm from the Seattle area their first reaction is inevitably, "Ah, Starbucks," or, "Isn't that where that really tall building is? The needle?"
Anna Watson Carl: A Fall Getaway In Nova Scotia's Wine Country (PHOTOS)
Stretching along the Bay of Fundy from Windsor to Digby, the Annapolis Valley is a patchwork of picture-perfect farmland, charming little towns and vineyards.
Robert Schrader: Is Bali A Lost Cause?
Unfortunately, enjoying Bali is easier vowed than done.
KF Seetoh: Dying For A $160k Satay Beehoon Recipe
With less than three months to live, a street food legend reluctantly offers his recipe for sale.

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