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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
On Thursday, Mother Jones published an article entitled "Americans Really Don't Like Mosques," in which the new Pew Forum report is cited. The independent news organization writes:

The Pew Forum...has a great new interactive feature up today on the boom in mosque construction in the United States since 2000 -- and the corresponding boomlet in organized backlash to mosque construction. It's not just lower Manhattan -- Pew found 53 different projects that faced resistance from their respective communities:
Russian Patriarch Embraces Increasingly Cozy Relation With Putin
Nakoula Basseley Nakoula
This Is 'Fake,' Vatican Paper Says
Man Who Posted Sikh Woman's Photo Issues Full Mea Culpa
Religious vs Sex Trafficking
Rev. Ed Bacon: We Must Learn to Be Inter-religious
The responsibility of every global citizen today is to refuse to be led by irresponsible extremism posing as one of the Abrahamic religions.
Alan Jones: Retirement Thoughts: Intimations of Mortality
Huston Smith once asked an aging Aldous Huxley if he had any regrets. "I wish I had been more kind." Me too.
Loren-Paul Caplin: Atonement Blues: Breaking the Yom Kippur Fast With 'Breaking Bad'
In "Breaking Bad," every episode is a day of atonement, if not for each character as it often is, it is for me. I rarely walk away from watching an episode feeling ebullient.
Carol Smaldino: On Yom Kippur: A Place for Remembrances of Things and People I Never Knew
We can only get richer, in human terms, if we integrate many more sides of history than we presently are wont to do.
Morgan Guyton: A Yom Kippur Dream for Israel/Palestine
It's quite presumptuous for a Christian to write about an Israeli political issue in the context of a Jewish holiday, but I do so as someone who has been blessed immeasurably by Jewish thinkers and public figures.

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