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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
Apple chief executive Tim Cook apologized Friday to customers for the widely criticized debut of his company's Maps app.

But to map developers, Cook could have simply said: "You're welcome."
Don't Even Ask Google's New App
Hate Apple Maps? Tim Cook Says To Try These 5 Alternatives
Mark Zuckerberg To Meet Russian PM Next Week
The 13 Most Popular Viral Videos Of The Month
Eliot Van Buskirk: The Most-Downloaded Legal Music on BitTorrent
Our question: who are these artists giving people permission to download singles and entire albums (comprising 78 percent of downloads according to MusicMetric) for free? We were curious, so we asked. Here's the word from BitTorrent.
Esther Dyson: The Stream Series 2012: Release 0.9: A Swim in the Stream
Imagine what loyalty corporations could earn by investing in educating their workers. Yes, many would leave for better jobs... and one day they might even be able to afford their former employers' products.
Nataly Kelly: 10 Ways Translation Shapes Your Life
Did you know that right this very minute, a massive translation project is scanning the international news to catch words that help identify and contain global health outbreaks, protecting the lives of you and your loved ones?
Willow Bay: Women to Watch: Meet the Women Changing Silicon Valley
The "ultimate girls club," with some of the most talented women in Silicon Valley, takes on the toughest job in the Valley: combining high octane careers and hands-on motherhood.
Vanity Fair: The Top Cars of 2013
To celebrate the official start of the 2013 car-shopping season and the release of the 2013 models, we posed, to a baker's dozen of top car writers, the question of what new car they would purchase for under $100,000.

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