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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012
As the iPhone 5 hit stores on Sept. 21, North America went bananas over Apple: days-long lines in front of Apple stores, and pre-orders reaching more than 2 million in just two days. This time around, the iPhone 5 boasts a bigger screen, faster network, and a longer battery life, among other things.

15 Essential Staples For Any Healthy Kitchen
10 Office Items That Could Soon Be Extinct
LOOK: 'World's Best Father'
Gay-Centric School Debate In Toronto
Canada Celebrates National Organic Week
Meghan Telpner: 8 Ready-Made Health Foods Not to Miss
Going into a health food store is daunting -- even for me. There is just so much stuff, so many labels, so many claims. Multiply that by a hundred and that is what the annual Canadian Health Food Association's Trade Show is like. Out of the loads of products I taste tested, reps that I chatted with, and packaging I scrutinized, a few products stood out.
Meghan Pearson: I've Been Through Hell, and Have No Fear
My name is Meg, and I have been riding a roller-coaster ride of emotional upheaval, life-changing experiences and personal development for a few years now. I was bankrupt, unemployed, and depressed. My father was ill with frontotemporal dementia and ALS. My fiancé and I had called off our wedding less than four months before the big day. But I persevered. Now I am using my experience to share with others.
David Suzuki: Help Your Kids See Less Screen and More Green
Pushing our kids out the door may be the best way to save the planet. In a survey conducted for the David Suzuki Foundation, 70 per cent of Canadian youth said they spend an hour or less a day in the open air. And when they are out, it's usually to go from one place to another. In other words, it's just a consequence of trying to be somewhere else.
Ken Rabow: The Slacker's Guide To Success -- Step Ten: From Crud to Cred
So here you are, taking another stab at "making it" in life. Your parents are cautiously optimistic.You are non-committal. Your dog still thinks you're amazing (but he likes Yanni). It should go well. You're older. You've had a few "challenges" under you belt and you've survived. You're not on the street or in a cult or both. Then why so nervous?
Minnow Hamilton: Savvy Internet Safety Tips for Kids
There may be a screen between your family and the online world, but that doesn't mean everyone is protected. When it comes to the web, there are online screen names, cell phone use and GPS to consider. Make sure the kids are safe and secure online with these Internet Safety Tips.

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