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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Normally reserved for salmon and cream cheese or salt beef and gherkins, bagels are now on the tip of everyone's tongues as the most recent beauty craze.

The 'bagel head' beauty treatment has taken Japan by storm and if you're squeamish we suggest you brace yourself before reading further. *braces self*

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Mikala Bierma's DIY Bride Does Flower Arranging (VIDEO)
What Price 'Work-Life Balance'?
'Time To Change' Video Targets Mental Health Prejudice Among Young People
Study Suggests 'Psychopaths' Have Impaired Sense Of Smell
Sam Smith: Sex and The City: Closing the Gender Gap in Finance
Since the publication of Lord Davies' Women on Boards report we have heard endless talk over the best way to combat this deficiency, with imposing female quotas at the forefront of this debate. But ultimately, and in the long-term, do they damage or promote women's interests?
Nick Watts: Why do we go Gaga Over Weight?
We think terms like fat, fatty, porker and ugly are good words to use when describing people, they have become the prime insult when you are looking to put someone down. We find it acceptable to print it, say it, talk about it and throw it around where everyone can hear it.
Dr Raj Persaud: Hair Colour and Attraction - Is the Latest Psychological Research Bad News for Redheads?
Startling new psychological research challenges previous thinking that hair colour is merely about personal preference.
Coco Khan: A Year Later Slutwalk Still Doesn't Cut the Feminist Mustard, But Is a Step in the Right Direction
Feminism isn't about assuming every accused man is a rapist. It's about equality, and freedom, or specifically fair trials and fair treatment. I was equally upset to see a youthful crowd, a new generation of feminists whose interest had been piqued, being completely misdirected.
Mike Collins: Letting Children Have a Natural Childhood
Making nature part of children's everyday experience is a simple and effective way of plugging them into the world around them. Children are naturally inquisitive and love to explore; it's about getting them hooked and excited about the simple things. It could be about watching ants marching to their nests, snails clinging to a wall or birds singing in a tree.

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