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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
Wolf Blitzer had a ready answer on Thursday to conservatives complaining about the bias of polls showing President Obama ahead of Mitt Romney.

Right-wing pundits and anchors have made something of a habit recently of alleging that pollsters are skewing the numbers to favor Obama over Romney by oversampling Democrats.

"The models these folks are using are crazy," Dick Morris told Sean Hannity on Monday. Talking Points Memo made a lengthy mashup of "Fox and Friends" hammering the issue all through its Thursday show.
WATCH: Chris Matthews Has Officially Lost It
Colbert Mocks Fox News Over Romney Findings
'Today' Goes Extra Mile To Defend Matt Lauer
WATCH: Soledad O'Brien Calls Out Governor
Top Conservative Radio Host Leaves Show
Bob Burnett: Why Is Romney Losing?
Thirty-nine days before the Presidential election, Mitt Romney doesn't appear to be the formidable challenge to President Obama that many expected. Indeed, Romney's ineptness has turned the tide in Obama's favor. What happened?
Karthika Muthukumaraswamy: For Every Yin, the Media Has a Yang
Is it really a good thing for journalism to expect reporters to be empty vessels simply reiterating information from others? This defeats the very purpose of media as fourth estate, as a watchdog of the powers that be.
Sarah O'Meara: Give Me Page Three Models Over 'Celebrity News' Any Day
This tired, out-dated crusade against Page Three comes at a time when the rest of mainstream media is actively conquering and exploiting a far more insidious form of female objectification. While feminists feebly fight the Sun, the online titillation monster grows daily, snatching bite-sized chunks of celebrity bikinis from the hands of news publications and serving them up to whomever types 'Kim Kardashian' and 'bikini' into Google.
Jeremy Harris Lipschultz: Analog, Warren Buffett and Digital Media
Buffett's methodology as an extremely successful investor and one of the wealthiest billionaires was and is to act as a good reporter and "assign" himself a story each day to learn the true value of a company.
Eric Boehlert: "Skewed" Polls, ACORN, And Right-Wing Delusion
Lots of right-wing commentators can't comprehend that Romney's behind in the polls. They think he should be winning in a walk because of Obama's "trainwreck" presidency. "Why Isn't Romney Up by Ten Points?," asked a recent National Review Online piece.

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