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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012
Omar Khadr is back in Canada after spending nearly a decade in the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has confirmed that Khadr landed this morning at 7:40 a.m. ET at the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ont.

The minister says the 26-year-old Toronto-born man will be transferred to the Millhaven Institution, a maximum-security prison in Kingston, Ont.

"Omar Khadr is a known supporter of the al-Qaida terrorist network and a convicted terrorist," said Toews in a brief statement from Winnipeg.

The minister said the decision for the transfer was made earlier this week.

"Omar Khadr was born in Canada and is a Canadian citizen. As a Canadian citizen, he has a right to enter Canada after the completion of his sentence," he said.

Toews said Khadr will now be the responsibility of Corrections Canada, and any decisions about parole will be made by the Parole Board of Canada.
This Doesn't Always Pay
Found: $3M
Mitt Hits The Point Of No Return
Carjacking Suspect Shoots Himself In Head On Live TV
The 14 Most Ridiculous Media Insults For Trudeau
Hon. Carolyn Bennett: Canada's Aboriginals Need Solutions, Not More Jail Time
The unusually forceful language in the recent government report titled "Marginalized" underscores the abject failure of this government's simplistic and outdated "tough on crime" approach, particularly for Canada's Aboriginal population. Aboriginal peoples are 4 per cent of the Canadian population, but 20 per cent of the prison population. All Canadians must realize that it is in all of our interests -- in terms of public safety, cost and untapped human potential -- to heed the call of this report and take "aggressive action" to deal with this national disgrace.
Jian Ghomeshi: What I Think of Culture in Canada
2012-09-21-culturedays1.jpg I think the word "culture" needs to be stretched as wide as it can without causing injury. Given that culture pervades almost every part of our lives, we do ourselves and our communities a disservice by making it synonymous with -- only -- the ballet, say, or a piece of art in a museum.
Meghan Pearson: A Sneaky Eat-Your-Greens Pesto Zucchini Pasta Bowl
Nowadays, I avoid gluten, most processed foods, and like to include as much green food as possible at every meal. One of my fave ways to use zucchini is to make it a noodle! The beauty of this veg's bounty is that you can enjoy it well into fall -- local zuchs will be available right through October, so you can enjoy this pesto zucchini pasta bowl all autumn.
Arianna Huffington: Two Pink Elephants, One Room
In this week's issue of Huffington, Lila Shapiro puts the spotlight on the small but robust gay contingent within the GOP, Tom Zeller Jr. tracks the debate over the eastward migration of mountain lions, and Gazelle Emami interviews Ai Weiwei, bringing the dissident Chinese artist's passion and fearlessness into sharp focus in time for his first major show in the U.S.
Madeleine Crum: 9 Books You Should Have Read In High School
I packed my bags for college having read every single one of Shakespeare's plays and Twain's novels, but not knowing who Jorge Luis Borges or Doris Lessing were. This is a huge problem.

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