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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012
My name is Douglas Edward Harper. I was born in Barkingside on 15 January 1962. The first few decades of my life I was just like anyone else.

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We Can't Afford to Ignore Half the Population
Cracking the Fashion Industry and What Matters Most
Drugs May Revive Ageing Muscles, Study Suggests
Unusual Baby Names Destined To Become More Popular [SLIDESHOW]
Lana Citron: Sex and Pregnancy
Good parenting has nothing to do with one's social or marital status though I concede it is more practical for two people to share the job of child rearing. However, a conventional status does not necessarily deign parenting attributes on anyone. If you don't believe me just go see, 'We Need to Talk About Kevin.'
Aimee Wood: Lady Gaga's Body Revolution - Should We Accept Obesity?
Amongst the photos posted on Lady Gaga's platform, hundreds show obese bodies. Women and men want to feel happy in their oversized bodies and I just don't know how to feel about it, but I know something in the back of my health-conscious mind is telling me it's wrong.
Thea Green: Nailing It: Why the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow are Inspiring Me Today
Throughout the early stages of my career, strong and ambitious women were my role models. If I could achieve half of what they had, then I'd be happy, so being placed in the same bracket as them, and being told that, as a Woman of the Future, I too am a role model for young women, was a real highlight in my career.
Naomi Wolf: The Vagina Travelogues
What do I take home from my week in the UK, talking about something as simple and valuable as the new science of female arousal and orgasm? It seems that female sexuality is still such a difficult and contested issue even to think about in mainstream media spaces.
Caroline Davey: What Price 'Work-Life Balance'?
It's clear that single parents overwhelmingly want to work - but while 59% of single parents already do (and most of the rest want to), many working single parents continue to face poverty, instability and a lack of opportunity for progression.

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