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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Here at HuffPost Food, we pay pretty close attention to the way chefs behave. Chefs are known to be passionate, hard-working people, with occasionally quick tempers and sharp tongues. So, when a chef gets famous, nothing really changes -- except that many more people bear witness to their behavior.
Chef Commits Apparent Suicide In Restaurant Dining Room
The State Of Jell-O Salad In America
Budweiser Unveils Special Zip-Code Beers From 'Project Twelve'
Burger Chain To Expand Internationally With Hundreds Of New Locations
Whiskey Barrel Used For Awesome Adirondack Chairs
Steve Heilig: Bad Bugs From an Unsustainable Meat-Producing Model
The overuse of antibiotics is just one way industrial agriculture relies upon unsustainable practices. It's now past time we act in name of science and public health.
Samantha Harris: Speak Out Against Hunger
Join me this September by giving a voice to the millions of families struggling with hunger in silence. These families live in our communities; they are our neighbors, co-workers, and friends, yet their struggles go unheard.
Julie Meyer, RD: Eat Well Thailand: 24 Awesome Hours In Bangkok
In the past, Bangkok may have been more well-known to the hedonistic traveler than the healthy one, but this exotic and legendary locale has a ton to offer those looking to stay energized on the road.
Teresa Rodriguez Williamson: Vail's Culinary Culture
Luckily, the talented chefs in Vail are taking advantage of the delicious produce by creating innovative dishes that they are showcasing at their restaurants.
Marcelo Giugale: Can Africa Feed Africa?
Why is Africa so "food insecure"? Doesn't it have some 400 million hectares of agricultural land waiting to be cultivated?

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