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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
The Chicago Teachers Union voted Tuesday to suspend the city's first teachers strike in 25 years, ending a now week-and-a-half-long protest that has kept the city's 350,000 students out of school for seven days.

The decision comes after more than two hours of closed-door talks among union members, and two days after a move to continue the strike to allow more time for educators to review contract details. The extensive time without class in session also prompted Mayor Rahm Emanuel to seek an injunction Monday that would have forced teachers back to schools. The judge, however, delayed the ruling until Wednesday in anticipation of Tuesday's vote, deeming the legal argument a moot point if the union were to freeze the strike.
Black Males Will Need 50 Years To Catch Up To White Graduation Rate
In Philly, Principals From Schools Suspected Of Cheating Got Promoted
College Students To Mitt Romney: We're Not Victims
Tennessee Middle Schools Eliminate Graded Homework, Extra Credit
Students Head Back To Class Following Strike's Suspension
Michael Evans: In Defense of My Friends: The Harvard Crimson You Don't Know
My friends who have outworked the majority of their peers in Cambridge to get where they are today. My friends who deserve to be at the best university in the world. Unfortunately, these same friends of mine are being thrown under the bus by the media.
Chandra Hoffman: La Vida Tranquila -- Why I'm Homeschooling my Kids in Honduras
I am homeschooling my three children, ages 10, 7 and 5, on an extended international adventure. We moved to a remote coast, accessible only by boat, on the south shore of Utila to immerse ourselves in a different reality, a real-life experiment about living with less and experience more.
Randy Miller: So You Want to Get Into Teaching?
So you want to be a teacher? Great, so now what do you do? Are you ready for the classroom? Are you ready to meet the demands of your administration? Are you ready to deal with the politics of the position of a teacher?
Michael Brenner: All Political Truth Is Local
The public schools derided by so many, educated and socialized hundreds of millions. The truth that conveniently is erased from memory is that those schools, more than any other institution, made the America we celebrate.
Etan Thomas: Chicago Teachers Shouldn't Have Had to Strike
The point is, these conditions are not conducive to a healthy learning environment. And they are not conducive to a healthy teaching environment. And it's why supporting the striking teachers in Chicago is imperative. So, what are they fighting for?

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