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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Dear Mr. Colbert:

For years, I've been a loyal viewer. It's you that taught me the meaning of true conservatism, fiscal responsibility, die-hard interviewing and awesome jam-tunes. When you put Michael Stipe on your shelf, I wept a little -- then denied it, knowing that's exactly what you'd do, too. I'm not ashamed to say: you, sir, are a hero and inspiration to me. You are the man I aspire to be -- only shorter.

Well, you were.

At some point, you went soft. You started taking the easy way out. After years of quick wit and brilliant word play, you turned to the oldest trick in the book. You started shitting on Detroit.
WATCH: Teen Steals Man's Prosthetic Leg
Kiva Zip Program Launches In Detroit, Local Theater First Recipient Of Community-Funded Microloans
Council Skeptics Find Holes In Belle Isle Proposal
Moms Make Millions With Business Started In Basement
The Real Welfare Queens
Patrick A. Hayes: Split: Documentary Photography of Detroit a Passion for Coach
What started as mild intrigue about Detroit years ago for Fenton High School teacher and J.V. basketball coach Nick Gregory has now resulted in documentary photography work, some of which will be on display in an exhibition entitled Split.
Leo W. Gerard: Romney Loves American Cars; Obama Loves American Car Workers
He loves owning 'em. He relishes riding them up and down on elevators. But when it comes to showing a little love for car businesses and car workers, Mitt Romney's frigid.
Scott Janssen: Green Bay Packers Fans Must Reap What They've Sown
It hurt to watch my Green Bay Packers lose a must-win football game due to the shoddy work of replacement officials who have absolutely no business walking the NFL's sidelines. But what hurts even more is that Packers fans got exactly what they voted for.
Colbassadors: An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert From the Colbassadors
at we now feel that your increased, occasional prodding may in fact indicate a gutly-ness that it would probably be better for you to abandon. You couldn't handle Detroit

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