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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Mitt Romney's now infamous comments about half of America made at a May fundraiser are not only offensive, but also inaccurate.
Mitt Romney's '47 Percent' Includes Real-Life Millionaires
What Do Employers Hate More: Long-Term Unemployment Or A Criminal Record?
Billionaire Trashes International Aid, Bono
Meteoric Discovery Could Revolutionize Diamond Industry
Barney Frank Blasts Mitt Romney's 'Galling' Attack On 'Disabled Veterans'
Jeff Madrick: Central Banks Are Saving Democracy From Itself
Note that it is Romney who is saying he wants Bernanke out of there and crying wolf about inflation. Bernanke, not subject to the whims of democracy, has had the courage to change his own thinking. He knows the consequences of tight policy now.
Leo W. Gerard: Romney, Ryan, GOP Demand Obama Stop Strengthening Welfare Work Mandate
Republicans don't want the Obama administration to help states get welfare recipients off the dole and into jobs.
Larry Magid: Kindle Fire HD Is a Solid 7-inch Tablet
After a few days with the Kindle Fire, I came away impressed. It's a good choice, especially for non-techie users looking for an easy to use tablet that's great for consuming content.
Wendell Potter: Rather Not Go Bankrupt When You Get Sick? Another Reason to Support Obamacare
Politicians who are promising to repeal Obamacare won't find any evidence in the Kaiser Family Foundation's analysis of health insurance costs that the law has caused premiums to skyrocket, as many of those politicians have contended.
Raymond J. Learsy: Four Years After the Financial Implosion, Questions Finally Begin to Be Asked
The issue of insider trading from information emanating from Treasury Secretary Paulson's office was a focus of ruminations from this corner some four years ago. But hard questions, perhaps until now, have been few and far between.

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