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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Expert data nerd Stephen Von Worley has created Beefspace, a great visualization that depicts the density of major fast food chains across the country. Using information from AggData, Von Worley assigned each fast food chain a different color and then plotted the locations.
Cilantro Aversion Linked To Gene For Smell, New Study Finds
'Common Sense' Supermarket Sells Peeled Bananas In Plastic Wrap
How Does Arsenic Get Inside Rice Anyway?
Is A 25% Tip The New Normal?
'One Bottle' Liquor Shop Has A Single Item For Sale
Elie Ayrouth: Visualizing the Buzz: Interactive Infographic Calculates Happy Hour Drink Calories
With transparency becoming more and more of a trend within the quick service industry as of late (a result of legislative pressures), one area that still seems to be light on the nutritional transparency are all those delicious happy hour drinks we guzzle week after week.
Tamar Lowell: The Flavorful Culture Of Thailand
From tangy salads to rich, hearty soups and delectable curries, I enjoyed three cooking classes.
Timi Gustafson, R.D.: Fight Over Sweeteners Is About Profit, Not Health Issues
A group of food companies has filed a lawsuit against the Sugar Association, a trade group representing the sugar industry, for making false claims in advertising that allegedly caused loss of profit and other damages.
Food52: 8 Brown Bag Lunches
It's technically fall but still feels like summer, meaning your brown bag lunches should be in full celebration of this stage in between seasons.
Rozanne Gold: Getting Kids to Read and Cook
It's back-to-school month with no letup in our country's interminable decline into child illiteracy and obesity.

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