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Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012
To mark World Alzheimer's Day former England footballer Gordon Banks and Sir Michael Parkinson have relived their heartbreaking personal experiences with dementia, in hope that they inspire the nation to reduce the stigma about the condition.

The pair, alongside broadcaster Fiona Phillips, are also encouraging people who think they have any symptoms of the condition to seek medical advice.

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Fiona Phillips: A Day to Remember for World Alzheimer's Day
We take it for granted, but memory is fundamental to everything you do. As soon as you start losing your memory your whole life goes into meltdown. When my mother started having trouble with her memory it was difficult because she was only in her 50s. At the time we just thought she was being eccentric. She had always been funny, always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and we would think 'I can't believe she said that!' But this was an exaggerated form. She started crying a lot.
Michael Parkinson: A Day to Remember
Muhammad Ali came with a legend surrounding him. I interviewed him four times and was fortunate to map out the rise and fall of this fascinating man. He was an extraordinary man, and a great athlete, with charisma; nobody I have ever met had that in such abundance as he.
Gordon Banks: A Day to Remember
Life is about memories. I've got a career where I've got loads of memories. But even just an ordinary man in the street, like my brother David, he's got his memories as well. And not to be able to think about them, remember them, that must be awful. That must be terrible.
Theo Randall: Recipe for the Weekend: Sea Bass in a Lemon, Basil and Vermouth Sauce
This dish is so quick and simple to make - the foil parcel is a great trick and cooks fish perfectly creating a delicious sauce.
Caroline Criado-Perez: Prejudice in Briefs: Why Page Three Is Toxic to All Women
So in which direction does Page Three nudge us? Let me introduce the uninitiated to a little box called 'News in Briefs'. This little box purports to be the thoughts of the girl posing that day; they are presented in erudite fashion, and contain an esoteric quotation.

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