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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
PARIS, Sept 28 (Reuters) - Socialist President Francois Hollande unveiled higher levies on business and a 75-percent tax for the super-rich on Friday in a 2013 budget aimed at showing France has the fiscal rigour to remain at the core of the euro zone.
Apple CEO Forced To Apologize
BofA Reaches MASSIVE Settlement
The Truth Behind The 'Aporkalypse'
Romney Health Care Plan's Awful Truth
16 Epic Product Fails
Mike Lux: Dumb Idea: Put the Guys Who Caused the Problem in Charge
Looks like Scott Brown worked as a real estate attorney and title agent for the parent company of a company named LPS, which happened to be one of the very worst offenders in the foreclosure fraud industry.
Jessica Marati: Behind the Label: The Ideologies Behind the Lululemon Manifesto
If I'm going to spend $68 on a sports bra, my money is better spent with a company that authentically embodies the values it promotes.
Justin Guay: U.S. Ex-Im Bank President Fred Hochberg Underwriting Destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, Again?
The U.S. Export-Import Bank, and its president Fred Hochberg, have never met a coal project they don't like. At times it's so bad we don't know what century the institution thinks it is operating in.
Willow Bay: Women to Watch: Meet the Women Changing Silicon Valley
The "ultimate girls club," with some of the most talented women in Silicon Valley, takes on the toughest job in the Valley: combining high octane careers and hands-on motherhood.
Laura Kodres: Not Making the Grade: Report Card on Global Financial Reform
Despite a host of reforms in the right direction, the financial structures that were in place before the global crisis have not actually changed that much, and they need to if the global financial system is to become a safer place.

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