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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012
MONTREAL - Marie-Jo remembered Denis Blanchette on Wednesday as someone who willingly filled in for her on a job, even though he had already been working steadily.
U.S. 'Fiscal Cliff' Threatens To Take Canada Down With It
Girl Found Hiding Under Bodies
Real Estate Catastrophe Or Boom Times? That Depends
Suitcase Containing Body Parts Found In Lake Ontario
Philip Demers: Why I Left Marineland, and My Beloved Walrus Smooshi
In May of 2012, I made the difficult and desperate decision to leave Marineland after about eight years of being a trainer for Smooshi the walrus. I could no longer bear witness to the suffering, and could ill afford to waste any more time. I simply didn't have a choice anymore. There are many changes I'd like to see in animal protection laws, but I also need to be reunited with Smooshi. Her health concerns me, and the quality of her life is greatly negotiated in my absence. She needs me as much as I need her. Her vulnerability humbles me, and she makes me a better human being.
Dr. Laurie Steelsmith: Nine Simple, Natural Ways to Get Out of Libido Limbo
Many women confide in me that they have negative or anxious feelings, at the deepest level, about their sexuality. The number one question I get is, "Why do I have so little desire?" If you're in libido limbo, take heart. There are many ways to regain the sexual excitement and desire of youth -- no matter how old you are. Try these nine simple strategies.
Jeffrey Bernstein: A Plea to Travellers: Stop Buying Sex in Thailand
The volume of sex tourism in Thailand is suggestive of an epidemic. Perhaps the men who participate in it are unlucky in love. Perhaps they're just misunderstood. Or, perhaps they just fetishize the exotic "other." Sex tourism would not exist -- nay, thrive -- without the demand-pull provided by men unable to check at the airport, or to fulfill elsewhere, their hormonal desires. So, fellow travellers, young and old, fat and thin, Caucasian and Asian (because lewdness is colourblind), please, I implore you: Stop bringing your unrequited sexual fantasies to Thailand (and to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar). It's demeaning. It's perpetuating. And it's embarrassing.
Ricky Gervais: Which Doctor?
A fun-packed week filming on Derek was only marred slightly by the fact that an emergency doctor was called after 24 hours of severe abdominal pain. Examination, urine sample, and blood tests were taken and I was rushed to hospital for a scan.
Candice Olson: A Fine Dining Room for a Festive Family
Christina and Gavin moved from a small downtown condo to a sprawling 1960s ranch style house just outside the city. But, moving from a small condo to a large house has left them shy on furniture -- especially in the dining room. They have a great space for big family dinners, and nowhere for everyone to sit and eat! With a big family feast in mind, I assembled the trades to create the perfect dining room!

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