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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Stephen Harper has won the first ever Richard Nixon Prize for steadfastly protecting "the rich and powerful."
How Will Trudeau Deal With Father's Shadow?
87 Conservatives Vote For Abortion-Related Motion, How Did Your MP Vote?
Harper Snubs UN But Will Pick Up World Statesman Award
No White History Month? Tory Bill Would Kill 'Ridiculous' Inmate Complaints
Tories Yank Own Immigration Witnesses Tied To 'Disgusting' Website
Wayne K. Spear: The Liberal Party's Trapped in Groundhog Day, Can Trudeau Save Them?
In the years since the departure of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, the Liberal Party of Canada has been trapped in a political Groundhog Day. Three times across a decade, the party has risen at what it expected to be the dawn of its charismatic leader. A similar destiny might seem improbable for the young Trudeau, but he'll very soon have gone as far under the steam of his famous name as that fuel can deliver him.
Rachel Décoste: Harper Flubs Foreign Affairs File -- Again
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is making a trip to New York this week, but it isn't to attend a United Nations meeting to which Canada was extended an invitation. The Prime Minister will instead be in the glitzy hotel, where he is due to receive an award from the little-known Appeal of Conscience Foundation, an interfaith partnership of corporate and religious leaders. Between the successive fossil awards for environmental savagery and the unfortunate de-funding of reproductive health in foreign aid, the Harper government continues to slide Canada's international influence down to the gutter.
J.J. McCullough: Media Bites: We'll Bunk With Those Brits, But Wente Must Go
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg There are times when the Canuck press is perfectly willing to tun the guns inward. For example, whenever Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente gets embroiled in some kinda plagiarism scandal. Her press buddies really seem to hate her, and my word, are they happy to see her fall! You'd almost think there was some sort of embassy restructuring involved, so heady and thorough has the coverage been.
Daniel D. Veniez: China's Big, Bad, "Foreign Takeover" of Nexen Is a Myth
There might be perfectly legitimate reasons why Ottawa may decide to block the proposed acquisition of Nexen Inc. of Calgary by CNOOC Limited, the state owned energy giant from China. But the notion that "foreigners are taking over Canada's natural resources" is not one of them. That argument is factually and demonstrably false. Our governments own the vast majority of these natural resources. That isn't about to change any time soon. Canadians should be aware that there is no risk whatsoever that we would lose ownership or control of them.
Diane Francis: Which Countries Will Rule the Future? Check Their Demographics
According to David Foot of the Boom, Bust & Echo fame, "You can forecast economic success based on whether there are too many young people or too many old people in a country." Obviously, demographic advantages alone are not sufficient to create success. All governments and businesses must shape decisions to reflect their demographic realities.

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