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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
What do Detroiters want more of in their city?

Kayaks, Spanish small plates, meatless comfort food and pie, that's what.

Over 30,000 votes were counted in the semifinalist competition for the Comerica Hatch Detroit contest, said Hatch media representative Vittoria Kattanski.
Detroit Design At Its Best And Worst: Send Us Your Photos
Lawsuit: This Ballot Checkbox Is A 'Voter Suppression Tactic'
WATCH: Detroiters Beg DDOT For Better Bus Service
PHOTOS: What To Do At Detroit Design Festival
Miggsy.. Even More Amazing Than Usual
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: Mr. Romney, Have You Seen the 47 Percent?
Mitt himself said, "My job is not to worry about those people." No, Mitt, your job as president, should you be lucky enough to buy it, is, in fact, exactly to worry about all of the people in this country. Every single one.
David Finkle: First Nighter: Lisa d'Amour's Motor City Tragi-Comedy Detroit Needs Bodywork
D'Amour's intentions might be accepted, and even applauded, if she supported her characters with three-dimensional grounding. But here's where she allows herself to believe that presenting a gloomy prediction of national spoilage is all she needs to do. (Or is she just being lazy?)
Fern Siegel: Stage Door: Detroit
Detroit, a 2011 Pulitzer finalist, is a well-crafted elegy for a once-prosperous American suburb, a symbol, in the post-war years, of new beginnings.
Barry D. Wood: A Democratic Mayor and Republican Governor Cooperate to Revive Detroit
Detroit's brave Democratic Mayor Dave Bing and Michigan's pragmatic Republican Governor Rick Snyder agreed to refurbish Belle Isle Park, a neglected cultural gem in the shadows of a once great city.
Barbra Streisand: Obama vs. Romney: A Clear Choice
Do we want to go backward with Mitt Romney or move forward with President Obama? On Tuesday, November 6th, the American people will have the power to make that choice.

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