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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Almost one half of unemployed boomers have said age discrimination "was a barrier in getting a new job," according to an AARP study. But hiring managers beg to differ: They say they are three times more likely to hire someone age 50 and up than a Millennial, a person in their early 30s and younger, according to a new survey by Adecco, the staffing agency based in Melville, NY.
Billy Crystal On The Trip That Almost Sent Him Over The Edge
The Dating Deceit I Still Obsess Over
Their Simple Solutions To Cut Clutter Made Millions
Which Surgery Is On The Rise Among Boomers?
Remembering Andy Williams' Classics
Ann Brenoff: Yom Kippur: You Can't Atone On Facebook
As Jews worldwide mark the holiday that begins at sundown, my Facebook feed has been filling up with "friends" issuing blanket apologies to me and the rest of the Facebook for however they may have offended us.
Marlo Thomas: Hey, St. Jude! A Legendary Song Finds a New Generation
Earlier this summer, my brother Tony heard "Hey Jude" on the radio and suddenly had an epiphany: Why not lend the eternal spirit and infectious melody of that memorable Beatles anthem to that other Jude we care so much about?
Barbara Hannah Grufferman: Feeling Pretty After 50: Why It's So Important
News flash: Embracing your age and wanting to feel pretty are not mutually exclusive.
Robert Levithan: Do We Need Another Memoir?
I have a tale to tell. Although I am not singular, there are not many of us left who went all the way to AIDS and came back whole. I am an AIDS elder. I hold my story and the story of a generation who lived and died in an unprecedented era of plague.
Victor Imbimbo: Family Caregivers: Choose to Be Happy
Working with family caregivers, I see a wide range of attitudes and emotions that exist within this large community of very special people. What I find especially interesting is that some family caregivers, faced with similar responsibilities, are happier and have a more positive attitude.

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