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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
In my few talks with comedian Margaret Cho, she's said things that have resonated so deeply, I hang up the phone feeling ridiculously inspired.

During our chat last week for an article on eating disorders, she eloquently expressed something I'd been feeling but hadn't been brave enough to articulate. "I think now I'm at the point where I'm just sick of feeling negative and feeling this way about my body," she said. "So I've just shifted my thinking to, 'this becomes boring to always want to be thin.'"

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Jane Devin: My Inglorious 53% Story: Living (Way) Below the Poverty Line and Paying Taxes
While Romney's view of the poor is that of shiftless, lazy beggars who are content to live from one handout to the next, I know a more authentic and firsthand truth.
Julie Spira: Social Media Etiquette: Do You Kiss and Tell?
Posting your first kiss and details of your romantic life on social media sites is no longer considered exploitative. It's actually expected. But where do you draw the line between kiss-and-tell and kiss-and-post?
Emma L. E. Rees: Not Seeing the C-Word (Or Even the V-Word)
The tweeters and reviewers who denigrate Naomi Wolf and her new book, Vagina, shun intellectual difficulty, instead flimsily establishing easier and frequently ad hominem critiques. They want Wolf to have written a different book. Well, she didn't.
Eve Sinclair: In Defense of Erotic Literature: Why I Wrote 'Jane Eyre Laid Bare'
We haven't had a book like 50 Shades for quite some that's made us all talk about the fact that women get turned on by words - in a way that many men apparently don't.

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