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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
Kimye has only existed for six months but it appears Kim Kardashian is already envisioning what the couple's offspring might look like.
Back Together But Not For Long
WATCH: Fey, Poehler & Lohan Do 'Mean Girls' Rap
Drug Use May Have Triggered Psychotic Break In Johnny Lewis
Nina Dobrev Flashes Black Bra In See-Through Shirt
'Housewives' Daughter Welcomes Baby Boy
Robert David Jaffee: Double Standard for Bipolar Disorder
It is sad to me that Jesse Jackson, Jr and former Rep. Patrick Kennedy, as well as other celebrities, have become poster boys for mental illness when in fact they should be poster boys for questionable behavior.
Amy Millan: Tour Diary: #1
Two shows, two clubs, one night equals chaos. Tequila is the only thing that will save us. But it's New York in the fall, and it's a gorgeous day. Just like the T-shirt says, "I LOVE New York."
Louis Virtel: Weeklings!: Who's Our Queen of Pop? (VIDEO)
Rihanna's new single "Diamonds" is out this week, which made me wonder: Do we even have a "Queen of Pop" anymore? And if so, who is it? Does she matter?
Liz Smith: Arrested Development Returns. Liza Minnelli, Tommy Tune and a 'Landmark' Night for Miss Minnelli... Prepare for the 'Casita Maria Fiesta'
Critics loved Arrested Development and ordinary people too. This reminds me of something that is also happening in New York. That's when the New York Landmarks Conservancy will turn famous New Yorkers into "Living Landmarks."
Joshua Ostroff: Louis C.K., Fatherhood and the Sexism of Lowered Expectations
Louie isn't nearly the dad Cliff Huxtable was. He's divorced, doesn't own a house and is making it up as he goes. Sometimes his parenting sucks and sometimes it's amazing, but it always feels real, rather than a mere set-up to a punchline. And Louie always does his damnedest, right up to shepherding his daughter's stowaway duckling through a USO tour of Afghanistan.

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