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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
With iOS 6 now available for download, you might be eager to get on board as quickly as you can and update your iPhone to the latest operating system.

If you take a bus, train or trolley to work, however, you might want to consider waiting on the platform for a while.
Which Company Makes The Worst Smartphones In America?
Actress In Anti-Islam Film Sues YouTube
Do You Own The World's Most Spoiled Kitty?
Did Abe Lincoln Use Emoticons?
iOS 6 Is Now Available For Your iPhone And iPad
Craig Kanalley: Twitter's New iPad App: Why It's a Colossal Mistake
Despite having one of the more innovative and unique apps on the iPad, Twitter felt the need to give its app a dramatic refresh. If you haven't yet updated your Twitter app to the new one, you might not want to hit "Update."
Adam Levin: 94 Million Exposed: The Government's Epic Fail on Privacy
We hear a lot of genuine concern about the growing number and sophistication of hacker attacks. But based on the information contained in this report, the sad truth is that our own government's security policies -- or lack thereof -- have put us all at risk.
Kare Anderson: Insight From Massive Social Experiment Could Sway Voting, Spending and Other Behavior
A recent study shows that about one-third of a million more Americans voted in 2010 because of one Facebook message on Election Day.
Robert St. Amant: Science, Engineering, and Innovation (for Everyone)
Chad Ruble's mother had a stroke some years ago and was left with aphasia. Ordinary phone conversation and email pose challenges. Chad built a system that helps his mother "Kinecticate" with her friends and family.
Rick Schwartz: My Big Fat Geek Wedding
I've been a movie producer for over ten years. But after a few sidelong glances, late night flirtations and moments of soul-searching, I've decided to stop cheating on my day job and commit to a new life partner. I'm now officially a software mogul.

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