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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012
American multinational corporations have something in common with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, aside from being people, too: They both keep a lot of their income overseas to cut their tax bills.
Troubled Giant Speeds Up Massive Layoffs
Paul Krugman: 'People Like Romney Agree With Occupy'
Walmart Stops Selling Major Product
Postal Service's Newest Idea To Save Itself Sort Of Sucks
Emily Peck: The Choice Obama (And My 4-Year-Old Son) Won't Make
President Barack Obama and my son have something amazing in common. It takes them almost no time at all to get dressed. I wish I could say the same for myself. This is no trivial matter. Spending little or no time deciding what to wear, or what to eat, could be key to success in life.
Bianca Bosker: Apple's iOS 6 Maps Debacle: You're Drivin Me Crazy and I Distill Can't Type
I'm wiring this story on y iPhone this morning because after my upgrade to "the worlds most advanced operating system," iOS 6, I got Los in New Jersey on my way to work.
Ed Lawler: Pay Secrecy: Why Bother?
Perhaps the best way to summarize pay secrecy is to say that it has become an old-fashioned, obsolete management practice that has a much larger downside than upside. It is time for organizations to enter the world of pay transparency.
Jeremy Dehn: For-Profit Education: Value for Whom?
For-profit colleges' alleged support of increased accountability across all colleges and universities is yet another position that reeks of PR posturing by emphasizing some details at the expense of far more pertinent ones.
Saul Landau: Where's the Rage Over the Arbit Ragers?
In Arbitrage, we see how how Hollywood conceives of a cinematic grammar into which we can analyze the nature of the people who sparked the the financial crisis.

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