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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Rachel Maddow laid into Mitt Romney's campaign for failing to correct false claims made in campaign ads, even though the Republican presidential candidate recently told reporters otherwise.

Earlier this week, Romney told a CNN reporter that, when it comes to using accurate facts and figures, his campaign has "been absolutely spot on." He added, "And anytime there's anything that's been amiss, we correct it or remove it."
AP Had Fact-Checking 'Quota' For Michele Bachmann
WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Explodes At Ann Coulter
Groups Demand To See Secret Presidential Debate Contract
News Organizations Break Rules For J.K. Rowling's New Book
Menachem Rosensaft: President Obama's UN Speech: A Must-Read for Supporters of Israel
Especially in light of a new heavy-handed $6.5 million ad campaign by the Republican Jewish Coalition, all voters who are concerned about President Obama's position on Iran or continued U.S. support for Israel should -- no, must -- read the address he delivered to the UN General Assembly.
Coleen Rowley: 'Our (New) Terrorists' the MEK: Have We Seen This Movie Before?
The big money model for lobbyist success has paved the way for the coalition of MEK front groups to corrupt U.S. Government by funneling millions of dollars from who-knows-where to elected and appointed political figures to turn dark into light.
Eric Alterman: Think Again: The Media and Climate Science: ADHD or Deliberate Deception?
The Union of Concerned Scientists recently took a hard look at the coverage of climate science on Fox News and in The Wall Street Journal, both owned by Murdoch's News Corp. In the case of Fox, they discovered that 93 percent of segments dealing with the issue were "misleading."
Howard Fineman: Debates Risk The 'Big Deal' Moment: Countdown Day 41
The debate season will be Romney's last chance to overtake Obama in what, so far, has been an uninformative and tactical contest of accusation, innuendo, non-ideas, non-specifics and invisible agendas.
David Shing: The Stream Series 2012: Content From Stream
Brands are looking for platforms to amplify their message; agencies are looking for the tools for amplification; startups are looking for ways their tools can help. Success for all three relies on applying the right mix of their abilities to a common goal -- a meaningful, authentic conversation with the consumer.

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