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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
The Drinks Business profiled the world's most popular beers for 2011 in its annual Brands Report this past summer, and the results may surprise you.
A Week In The Life Of Kettle Brand Chip's Chief Flavor Architect
The Biggest Food Safety Disasters Of 2012
The Ingredients In Kraft Mac & Cheese: A Dramatic Reading
Dunkin' Donuts To Use Cage-Free Eggs, Eliminate Gestation Crates
Bacon Eating Contest Suspended In Wake Of Porkocalypse
Food Integrity Campaign: An Insider's Perspective on USDA's Problematic Poultry Rule
Under the new inspection model, the jobs once done by inspectors will be taken over by plant workers themselves -- the quintessential fox guarding the hen house model.
Quora: Why Doesn't Honey Spoil?
Fodor's: Forget Sushi: 10 Other Foods To Eat In Japan
Sushi--a term that actually refers to the specially prepared rice, not the fish itself--is definitely an important and iconic part of Japanese cuisine. But it's only the tip of the iceberg.
Dan Streetman: PHOTOS: A Coffee-Lover's Trip To Colombia
When visiting a city of eight million, one probably expects the hustle, bustle and density of New York. It may also be fair to expect a lot of modern influence, but this is not the case in Bogota, Colombia. The nation's Distrito Federal may be the world's largest sprawling village with a unique colonial charm -- not just in the architecture but in the culture as well.
Menuism: How American Chinese Food Came To Be
If you visit any of today's modern Chinese American communities, such as the San Gabriel Valley outside of Los Angeles, Flushing in New York, or numerous areas around San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and even Houston, you will find an interesting array of wonderful and delicious Chinese food.

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