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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Government matters — a lot — when it comes to income inequality, a new study suggests.

Researchers at the Ottawa-based Centre for the Study of Living Standards looked at how much taxes and government benefits helped to even things out between the rich and the poor in Canada over the past three decades.
As Housing Bubble Turns To Bust, Prepare For Unemployment Spike
'TransCanada Turns Sadistic In Texas'
Costco Steaks Linked To E. Coli Cases
Patsy Found To Take Blame For Financial Crisis
Daniel D. Veniez: China's Big, Bad, "Foreign Takeover" of Nexen Is a Myth
There might be perfectly legitimate reasons why Ottawa may decide to block the proposed acquisition of Nexen Inc. of Calgary by CNOOC Limited, the state owned energy giant from China. But the notion that "foreigners are taking over Canada's natural resources" is not one of them. That argument is factually and demonstrably false. Our governments own the vast majority of these natural resources. That isn't about to change any time soon. Canadians should be aware that there is no risk whatsoever that we would lose ownership or control of them.
David Fagin: With the iPhone5, An 'Apple' a Day Could Bankrupt You Tomorrow
We're simply addicted. Apple has become the "Nino Brown" of the tech world. It's New Jack City -- this time, nationwide --and we're all lining up at 'The Carter' for a piece of the rock. Or, in this case, the Apple.
Ted Harro: 4 Ways to Tell Your Boss the Truth Without Getting Fired
While simple enough, none of these things are easy. It's easy to duck and cover or blow your top. But your organization needs the Truth. So gather your courage and give it to them.
Mahmood Iqbal: In Canada You Can Get a PhD, But Maybe Not a Job
The economic returns and employment situation of higher educated persons in Canada -- as compared to U.S. and other OECD countries -- are disturbing. PhDs, even after five to six more years of schooling, earn only 8 per cent more than Masters. The logical question is why does Canada produce PhDs in numbers far more than can be gainfully employed?
Philip Demers: How Fixing Marineland Could Fix Niagara's Economy
But as detailed in The Star investigation into Marineland, serious understaffing has been one of several concerns expressed by myself and the other former employees who have exposed Marineland for its lackadaisical operation. What job losses do we fear from better protecting Ontario's animals? The fact is, if zoos and aquariums were held to higher standards, it follows that more jobs would be created!

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