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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
NEW YORK — After an hour of fielding questions about Syria, sanctions and nuclear weapons, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had enough. Now, he said, it was his turn to choose the topic – his "new order" which will inevitably replace the current era of what he called U.S. bullying.
Blasts Reported At Syrian Military Site
'Human Car Seat' Smuggling Attempt #Fail
Obama Throws Down Gauntlet At UN
Red Bull Heir Reaches Hit-And-Run Death Settlement
Ahmadinejad: Iran Under Threat From 'Uncivilized Zionists'
Evelyn Leopold: Women Generate Heat at U.N. but Obama Is Obama
The presidents of Brazil and Argentina, both women, woke up any drowsy General Assembly delegate, passionately arguing their country's policy from economics to Syria to Cuba to Iran. But President Obama grabbed the attention, not because he broke new ground but because he is... well... Obama
William Astore: Are Drones Keeping Us in a Losing Cause Longer?
Are they helping us to win wars, or are they essentially prolonging wars that are ultimately unwinnable? So far, it appears that drones aren't decisive. They're merely instrumental. They're instrumental in keeping us in a losing cause.
Jack Healey: Human Rights: Our Moral Imperative
Most people think the people suffering in human rights situations are older people. They are not. They are young, sometimes very young. These folk need your help. Boys and girls need to protect one another, here and there. Come to the portal. Enjoy it.
Sarwar Kashmeri: A Yankee Spring in the Middle East
None of the protests have dwelled on American ties to Mubarak. Could it be that Egyptians do recognize American help in launching their Arab Spring? I believe they do and instead have offered the U.S. a second chance to get on the right side of Egyptian history.
Carlo Strenger: Salman Rushdie and the Right to Offend
Salman Rushdie's memoir Joseph Anton rebels against the reduction of The Satanic Verses to an insult to Islam. I agree. But modern liberal democracies, freedom of thought and expression are impossible without the right to offend.

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