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Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012
In today's world, one could be easily be made to believe that religion primarily fosters hatred and violence. But the reality is that religious people and organizations have often been at the forefront of interfaith relations and restoring peace in violent regions. On International Day of Peace, HuffPost Religion is proud to share this list of national and international religious organizations that are working to promote peace on local, national and international levels.
Talking With Tomorrow's Peacemakers
A Pastor's Struggle With Porn Addiction
What Advice Would We Give Our Younger Selves About Faith?
16 Amish GUILTY Of Hate Crimes In Beard Cutting Attacks
Laughter Is Sacred Space
Purnima Ramakrishnan: Pray on International Day of Peace
We may not be able to directly work for stopping wars or national/international corruption. But we can surely try to spread peace, harmony and love within our family, society and community. And voila, this spreads across the universe.
Susan K. Stern: Shining a Light in Odessa
The Holocaust brought unimaginable death and destruction to a city of 180,000 Jews; by the time Odessa was liberated from the Nazis in 1944, only 600 remained. Since then, the city has slowly been rediscovering its Jewish roots.
Dr. Faheem Younus: Muslims: Don't Confront Violence With Silence
There is no justification for violence -- none whatsoever. So why can't American Muslims use their freedom of expression in a responsible fashion to light a candle?
Charles J. Reid, Jr.: Servile Before the Throne of Mammon
Mitt, you want to be president, but you have chosen to wage class war on America's voiceless and most vulnerable. Your behavior is shameless and disgraceful and in no way worthy of a great nation.
Willie James Jennings: A Christian Who Loves a Muslim
How is it possible that one of the prized converts to the Nation of Islam, who emerged as a devout believer in Allah, a follower of the prophet Muhammad, a powerful voice for global Islam, could also be a catalyst for my Christian faith?

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