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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
We've often lamented that Ann Romney doesn't take enough fashion risks, or rather, doesn't take the right kind of risks, opting for widely-mocked expensive shirts or bright dresses that nearly blind us.

Risk, again, was the name of the game for Mrs. Romney's latest ensemble. A week after the "LIVE! With Kelly and Michael" dress that shocked the world, the potential FLOTUS strolled out for another TV appearance in definitely the boldest look we've seen her wear.
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Frank Toskan tends to shy away from the media and rarely boasts about his success, even though he was responsible for opening some 300 MAC Cosmetics stores worldwide in just 15 years. This is the first in-person interview he's granted in more than 15 years.
Nils Pickert: Around The World in a Dress and a Skirt
It is not OK for anybody to mess with my son about his outfit. Hence I wear dresses and skirts so that any person who has a problem with that and feels the necessity to express his or her resentments can mess with me.
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Princess Buttercup may not be the most shining example of a modern empowered woman, but as far as princesses go she definitely wins. Here are eight reasons that Robin Wright's princess could still wipe the floor with any other royal heroine.

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