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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
ROSEVILLE, Mich. — Authorities drilled through concrete and removed two samples of wet soil and clay in a modest Detroit-area neighborhood Friday in the latest effort to find the remains of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, who disappeared in 1975.

There was no visible sign of human remains, but test results could be ready by Monday, Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said.
Detroit Restaurant Week Fall 2012: Menus And Our Favorite Culinary Adventures (SLIDESHOW)
WATCH: Teen Steals Man's Prosthetic Leg
Brian Banks, Michigan State House Candidate, Has Eight Felony Convictions
Jimmy Hoffa Disappearance Sparks Years Of Rumors, Theories About 1975 Mystery (PHOTOS)
Moms Make Millions With Business Started In Basement
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: Romney's Barreling out of the Barn Leadership
President Obama's basketball game makes me feel good about his foreign policy. What does basketball have to do with anything? Stay with me here.
Vanity Fair: The Top Cars of 2013
To celebrate the official start of the 2013 car-shopping season and the release of the 2013 models, we posed, to a baker's dozen of top car writers, the question of what new car they would purchase for under $100,000.
Michael Komorn: Charges Against Medical Marijuana Doctor Raise a Lot of Questions
No other prescription or diagnosis is as scrutinized as a medical marijuana recommendation, despite doctors being tasked with control, regulation and administering thousands of other substances throughout their careers.
Josh McManus: An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert
Mr. Colbert, you know as well as I do that trashing Detroit is nothing new. And now it seems that you're hooked on the sweet, sweet nectar of a cheap, dirty laugh. I warn you, though: This will be your undoing.
Karen Mills: SBA and America's Banks are Increasing Small Business Lending
We know that government doesn't create jobs -- small business owners do. But our role is to put the wind at their backs -- to provide them with the foundation, tools and opportunities to start and grow their businesses.

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