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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — How can a loving God send people, even bad people, to a place of eternal torment? A new documentary struggles with questions of punishment and redemption and how culture affects and shapes Christian beliefs about God and the Bible.

Coming in the wake of controversy over Rob Bell's 2011 hell-questioning book "Love Wins," which put hell on the cover of Time magazine, and treading some of the same ground, filmmaker Kevin Miller believes the debate about the nature of hell is not academic.
WATCH: Jesus' Death And The Future Of Violence: Mark 9:30-37
Five Big Questions About The 'Jesus' Wife' Discovery
PHOTOS: Ganesh Chaturthi 2012
47% Seminarian: Christianity Teaches That 'People Are Entitled To Food'
What Advice Would We Give Our Younger Selves About Faith?
Eboo Patel: A Common Life Together
In an interconnected world, the only chance we have is a common life together. If we are to build it, we must insure the bridges between us are strong enough to withstand the bombs of the extremists.
Gregory A. Prince, Ph.D.: Mitt Romney Is Not the Face of Mormonism
Judge Mitt Romney as you will, and vote for or against him as you will; but do not judge Mormonism on the basis of the Mitt Romney that was unveiled to the public this week. He is not the face of Mormonism.
S.R. Hewitt: Can You Forgive? Can You Be Forgiven?
Asking for forgiveness is an admittedly difficult task. After all, no one likes to admit to their own faults or shortcomings. However, asking for forgiveness is an essential aspect of the Jewish High Holidays.
Max Lucado: God As Heart Surgeon (EXCERPT)
Grace is God as heart surgeon, cracking open your chest, removing your heart -- poisoned as it is with pride and pain -- and replacing it with his own. Rather than tell you to change, he creates the change.
Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky, Ph.D.: Jewish High Holidays: Time to Reflect and Stop Hate Crimes in America
It is appropriate that during this time the U.S. Senate will address ways in which all communities can flourish in America. In light of the recent and horrific hate violence, it is in solidarity that I welcome the U.S. Senate hearing on hate crimes and domestic extremism.

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