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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Ontario would lose tens of thousands of jobs, see the decline of its manufacturing sector accelerate, and would need to be more dependent on natural resources under a free trade agreement with the European Union, says a new report from a left-leaning think tank.
Canadians Among World's Biggest Music Pirates: Study
Secret Survey Reveals Interest Rate Manipulation Widespread
Is Canada's Economy Becoming A One-Trick Pony?
Goldman CEO Goes All Socialist In Toronto Appearance
Number Of Students Turning To 'Sugar Daddies' Has Exploded
David Gebler: Is Apple's Culture of Secrecy a Liability? Five Ways to Transparency
Many industry experts speculate whether CEO Tim Cook can equal Jobs in taking Apple into the future. But maybe that's the wrong topic to be mulling over. The real issue seems to be whether Apple's high-performing but secrecy-riddled culture needs an overhaul. Here's how Apple can get the transparency it desperately needs.
Kayley Kravitz: Farewell to Facebook
With all of the negative press against Facebook (going public, anyone?) I can't help but wonder if it's slowly but surely going the way of MySpace.
Diane Francis: Sure, China's Slowing Down but Don't Turn Your Back
China's growth, while enviable, is slowing. But power is opaque here, a problem in a globalized world, and the government controls information flow. It in the midst, like America, of a power struggle over who will run their nation. America is undertaking a noisy and disruptive election process while China is undergoing a power struggle behind closed doors as to who will run the superpower for the next 10 years.
Dan Solin: Lessons You Can Learn From This Wealthy Investor
Until Congress summons the courage to pass this Act, you need to heed the lessons you can learn from this experience of the DeBerrys.
Dominika Jaworski: B-Corp Benefits
While the term "B-Corp" has become a buzzword in the business world, it needs to find become a part of the common American lexicon.

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