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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Not got your hands on a copy of The Casual Vacancy yet? Fear not - Huffington Post UK Comedy has got a first-page extract. And it's pretty surprising stuff...

Click on the image above to read the extract -
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Pope In Cassock Malfunction Shocker
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Would You Wear A 'Pleb' T-Shirt?
Andrea Mann: Mitt Romney Uses the Jimmy Carr Tax Defence
I don't know about you, dear reader, but I'm inclined to think that a man who pays only what is "legally due" is rather less qualified to become president. Because such a man appears to be solely looking after himself and lacking in both compassion for others and a sense of duty to society as a whole.
Lynne Parker: Award and Reward
Women are more usually associated with nurture and we quite often achieve great things without ever recognising them, mainly to ourselves. Great leaders, more often male, don't sit around modestly waiting to be chosen, they shout about their achievements and step in to answer all the right questions.
Alistair Coleman: Judge Dredd vs My Head
Dredd is one of the few times that I have paid out cash money to see a 3D movie, essentially because I'm a huge fan of 2000AD (with a much dog-eared, torn and graffiti-ed copy of issue one in a box under my bed), and there are no 2D showings within sensible distance. Three dimensional movies give me a three dimensional headache, invariably leading to very much three dimensional rich, brown vomit in the car park afterwards.
Tom Cook: The Perks of Being Shy
Shy people reading this probably think of their social inhibition as a disability. Certainly society seems to view it that way, which is what Simonsen (funny guy, YouTube him) was highlighting. 'Outgoing' is seen as a positive trait on a par with 'generous', 'conscientious', and 'protects tiny animals'.
Wendy Wason: Fashion Crisis
Last weekend I was thrown into a fresh new hell. I'm in my late 30s. On my way to a music festival in my 20s I would have thought about my three-day-wardrobe for weeks. In my late 30s with three kids to look after, it only occurred to me as I was packing.

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