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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
We may not have the replacement referees to kick around for much longer, according to a report by Chris Mortensen of ESPN. The officiating debacle that marred the latest edition of "Monday Night Football" has reportedly brought the NFL and the NFLRA back to the bargaining table with renewed urgency.

Citing a source familiar with the negotiations, Mortensen reported that the NFL and NFLRA made progress at the negotiating table on Tuesday night and an "agreement in principle is at hand." On the other hand, several other NFL reporters -- notably Peter King of Sports Illustrated and Mark Maske of The Washington Post -- were hearing from other sources who were less sure that a deal was imminent.

Of course, Stephen Colbert doesn't see any reason for the NFL bring back the real refs, declaring the replacements a free-market success story.
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WATCH: Stephen Colbert Is For Replacement Referees
Ian Carey: When Will We See Openly Gay Players in the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL?
The onus is not just on gay athletes to come out, that lays with all athletes, gay or straight, to make it clear that gay players are welcome in the locker room.
Tim Young: "O" Yeah, I'm Another Fair Weather Fan
I can't deny that something special is happening with this Baltimore team, but I also can't deny that like every other fan of the Orioles a month ago, I was nowhere to be seen.
David Morris: We're the NFL. We Don't Have to Care.
Watching professional football these days reminds me of Lily Tomlin's Ernestine the telephone operator on Saturday Night Live and her famous punch line, "We don't care. We don't have to.  We're the phone company."
Patrick Anderson: Sports, Gambling, and Referees
Professional and collegiate sports organizations have known for many years that the biggest threat to their game is in the area of officiating. Referees have incredible influence over the games they officiate.
Andrew Wild: The MVP Race Heats Up
The American League MVP race has taken an unexpected twist. Mike Trout had emerged as the runaway favorite for a while after Josh Hamilton fell into a slump, but now things aren't looking so certain.

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