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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
The replacement referees used by the NFL during an ongoing labor dispute with league officials delivered a string of ineffective performances on Sunday (when they weren't being benched for posting to Facebook about their rooting interests).

It only got worse during on Monday night.
WATCH: Ronaldo Scores Winner In Champions League Thriller
Steve Young Rips NFL Over Replacement Refs
Blue Jays Player Suspended For Homophobic Message
NFL Films President Dies At 69
Jeremy Lin's New Couch
Colin Liotta: Why the Patriots' Loss to the Cardinals is a Good Thing
The Patriots were supposed to win this game. They beat every lowly opponent like a freshman from Dazed and Confused. So what happened against the Cardinals? It didn't make sense to me.
Leigh Steinberg: NFL is the New National Pastime
To gauge the evolution of American culture and tastes, simply trace the substitution of the public's love affair with the more textured, pastoral game of baseball by the current obsession with the faster-paced, more violent National Football League.
Chris Gentilviso: Northwestern Football: Chicago's Big Ten Team Is Open For Business (PHOTOS)
Five years ago, Northwestern football and home-field advantage were far from synonymous. Now in 2012, that picture is a faint memory. Visiting fans instantly know that Chicago's Big Ten Team is open for business, with football at the center of its sales pitch.
Rohan Nadkarni: Stanford Topples USC, a Win for the Good Guys
Stanford's win may not mean much in the long-term, but for me, they made a statement. You don't need extra cash or free cars to build a good football team. Sometimes, good coaching and proper recruiting does the job.
Kelly Smith Beaty: A Harsh Lesson for Our Daughters: My Open Letter to Taylor Townsend
Dearest Taylor Townsend: It is when life tells you "no" that you must stand tall and insist "yes!" There will be roadblocks in your path, but know that you stand on the shoulders of many tenacious, unyielding, celebrated sisters that have created the path that you must now follow.

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