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Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012
BlackBerry suffered an embarrassing outage affecting users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on Friday, interrupting service for customers as Apple's hot new iPhone 5 became available in stores.
Tsunami, Fault Line Possible Near Northern Gateway Terminal
GM Reaches Tentative Agreement With CAW
Zellers Faces It Demise In Typically Canadian Way
Quebec Eyes Ban On Fracking
Mob Ties Reach Deep Into Ontario Businesses, Inquiry Hears
Irfan Dhalla: Selling Our Health Care to Profit-Seekers Won't Pay Off
Last week, the family that owns Shouldice Hospital announced that it would like to sell its facility to Centric Health, a for-profit company. When it comes to providing complicated medical and surgical care that must be customized for each individual patient, non-profits are generally better. Selling medicare off, piece by piece, to large for-profit companies is the wrong approach.
Lewis Lapham: Feast of Fools: How American Democracy Became the Property of a Commercial Oligarchy
It is the wisdom of the age -- shared by Democrat and Republican, by forlorn idealist and anxious realist -- that money rules the world, transcends the boundaries of sovereign states, serves as the light unto the nations, and waters the tree of liberty.
Jean Halloran: Arsenic and Rice: Concerning Levels of Known Human Carcinogen Found in Tests of More Than 200 Consumer Reports Samples
Arsenic is already considered to be one of the most potent carcinogens in our environment, but a new analysis suggests that it may be even more potent than previously thought.
Nancy A. Shenker: Are You a Bully Boss? How to Tell...
We teach our own kids to be nice to their classmates. Most of us do not intend to send our colleagues and staff home in tears or on the verge of ulcers. So, why do even the most "successful" business people develop reputations as bullies, bitches, or tyrants?
Bevis Longstreth: The Futile Search for Signs of Doubt Among Central Bankers
The Fed has a tiger by the tail with its program. It is creating a giant bubble in capital asset prices, especially in our stock markets. To let the tiger go is to be eaten.

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