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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Rob Ford was probably hoping his trip to Chicago would be a respite from his woes back home in Toronto. No luck.
WATCH: Rick Mercer Slams Harper On Omnibus Bill
Same Sex, Common Law And Doing Without — The Changing Face Of Marriage In Canada
It's Go Time
Tories' Plans For MP Pensions Revealed
Plea Postponed In Case Of Senator's Wife
Peter S. Goodman: Why Romney's Video Comments Have Killed His Candidacy
The reason the video kills what remains of Romney's bid for the White House is because of what it tells us about his understanding of the basic facts of the American situation: He thinks there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the economy.
David Suzuki: Can Nature Keep Medical Costs Down?
It's easier, more effective, and cheaper to let healthy bodies fight off disease and infections than to weaken those defence mechanisms and then compensate for them medically. If we want a stable health system, we must put more resources into reducing pollution and environmental degradation and creating a way of life that keeps bodies and minds happy and in good health.
Diane Francis: Sure, China's Slowing Down but Don't Turn Your Back
China's growth, while enviable, is slowing. But power is opaque here, a problem in a globalized world, and the government controls information flow. It in the midst, like America, of a power struggle over who will run their nation. America is undertaking a noisy and disruptive election process while China is undergoing a power struggle behind closed doors as to who will run the superpower for the next 10 years.
Abubakar Kasim: The "Innoncence of Muslims" Promotes Hate, Not Dialogue
Canadians who value tolerance, respect and harmony should not listen to the voices of people like Chris Selley of the National Post who wrote that the media should show clips of the anti-Islam film behind the outrage if it offends people or not. Why on earth would anyone go out of their way to screen this obnoxious product, unless it is to inflict further hurt on Muslims and inflame more anger? Those who are portraying themselves as advocates of freedom of expression are hypocrites in the highest order. Canadians should listen to balanced voices that bring people together at a time when hatred is taking its toll on humanity.
Daniel Alexandre Portoraro: Censorship Is For Cowards, No Matter the Subject
Let's get one thing straight: Abubakar Kasim is not advocating for "tolerance, respect and harmony" in his latest piece for the Huffington Post. He's advocating for the banning and censorship of "Innocence of Muslims." While "Innocence of Muslims" contributes nothing whatsoever to the discourse surrounding "one of the world's greatest religions" to ban it would be to ban the understanding of an inciting force that has had gut-wrenching consequences.

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