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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
NEW YORK -- Improving American education is simple: reduce class sizes. Or so Mitt Romney once thought. "I once thought classroom size was … [the] only thing I could do to make our schools better," he said Tuesday while speaking at Education Nation, programming organized by NBC News.

Then, the Republican presidential candidate read a McKinsey report. "Within a normal band of a population, the classroom size didn't seem to be driving the quality of education," Romney said he learned from the report. He mentioned the McKinsey story in his book, "No Apology: The Case for American Greatness."
1 Dead In Oklahoma Junior High School Shooting
College Readiness Goes Beyond Academic Skills
Romney: Limit Teachers Unions' Contributions To Political Campaigns
5-Year-Olds Put To The Test As Kindergarten Exams Gain Steam
In Time Of Low Literacy, Writing Scores, Revived Support For Grammar
David_Halperin: 'Chronicle of Higher Education' Allows For-Profit College With High Student Loan Defaults to Sponsor and Pick the Speakers for Loan Default Event
The Chronicle is allowing its advertiser to determine the composition of an event that the Chronicle is presenting as a program of its own. It's renting out its reputation. This Chronicle event is like an event on "Guarding The Henhouse," sponsored by The Fox.
Paul Stoller: Reading in Dim and Dimmer Legislative Light
In America there seems to be an increasingly widespread aversion to the act of reading. In support of that aversion voters have elected public officials whose profound ignorance and boundless stupidity threaten our society.
Rick Ayers: Education Struggles Aflame Across the Hemisphere
There have been protests across the country over these developments and now we face the increasing prospect of massive government loan default from people who can't pay their way out of debt in the stalled economy.
Jerome Schultz: Inclusion: Is it Confusion, Intrusion... or Delusion?
The Hybrid Teacher is guided and energized by finding out what facilitates effective learning and what gets in the way.
Dr. Carlos Campo: Why We Need to Reduce College Tuition
If a college degree is still the gateway to the middle class, we will all have to be innovative and intentional to ensure that the gate is not locked for many. Reducing tuition is one of the ways to ensure that the dream of a college education is a reality.

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