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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Has Robert Pattinson truly forgiven Kristen Stewart for her brief affair?
Adele Slams Sex Sellouts
WATCH: Lil Wayne's Hilarious Court Depositions Released
Kanye Sex Tapes No Big Deal For Kardashians
'Mrs. Justin Bieber' Passes Away From Cancer At Age 6
Chris Brown Is Kissing Who?!
Justin Hernandez: A Letter to Paris Hilton
How about donating some of your time and volunteering at a nonprofit gay organization that assists in the battle against HIV and AIDS? See what it's really like for my community as we raise awareness and fight against a disease that affects millions of people.
Alec Baldwin: Can America Be Great Again?
America will never be great again under a Romney administration. It will be great for rich people, while everyone else will be asked to dial down their expectations of what it means to be an American, again.
Liz Smith: 'Hello, Gorgeous' Reveals the Ambitious, Relentless, Insecure Girl Behind the Incomparable Star
Barbra will hate this book. She hates most everything written about her. But it is not a hatchet job, in my opinion.
S.Z. Berg: Jennifer Esposito Takes on a New Leading Role: Celiac Advocate
While dealing with social exclusion is important, it is only one aspect of dealing with the disease. I got a glimpse of the enormity of having this disease and the impact a delayed diagnosis can have on an individual during my interview with Jennifer Esposito.
Gabriel Mizrahi: The Comedy Detective: An Interview With 'Modern Family''s Dan O'Shannon
There's something dreadfully un-funny about talking comedy with seriously funny people, but Dan O'Shannon is a different breed of comedian.

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