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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Rising college prices and a still-recovering economy means funds are hard to find for many college students. And don't think the solution lies at home.

CNN reports that since mom and dad are equally strapped for cash -- the average family reports that they are only on track to meet 30 percent of their college savings goals -- co-eds are turning increasingly to less conventional moneymaking schemes, including fertility clinics and sugar daddies.
'The Indebted States Of America'
'I Work For Comcast, And It Is Ruining My Life'
Groupon's Latest Move To Challenge PayPal
Major Supermarket Chain Recalls Spinach
Look: The Year's Hottest Toys
David Paul: Romney Comments Threw Ronald Reagan as Well as 47 Percent of America Under the Bus
Mitt Romney's words of disdain for working Americans -- particularly spoken with such contempt -- are so at odds with the inspiring optimism that for the party faithful was the hallmark of Ronald Reagan.
Rick Schwartz: My Big Fat Geek Wedding
I've been a movie producer for over ten years. But after a few sidelong glances, late night flirtations and moments of soul-searching, I've decided to stop cheating on my day job and commit to a new life partner. I'm now officially a software mogul.
Peter Dreier: More Than 47 Percent of Americans "Depend" on Government, Mr. Romney
Raise your hand if you went to a public college or university, work for government, borrow books from a public library, ride on government-run buses, subways, or light-rail, use or work for the post office, took a vacation in a national park... and on.
Jane Devin: My Inglorious 53 Percent Story: Living (Way) Below the Poverty Line and Paying Taxes
While Romney's view of the poor is that of shiftless, lazy beggars who are content to live from one handout to the next, I know a more authentic and firsthand truth.
Sandi Bachom: Dear Mitt Romney: 'I Am the 47 Percent'
You see Mitt, everybody in this country, except you, the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson are all just "one bad thing away" from the woman on the street. Get used to it, there are more and more of us, but nobody is talking about it.

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