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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012
I'm wiring this story on y iPhone this morning because after my upgrade to "the worlds most advanced operating system," iOS 6, I got Los in New Jersey on my way to work.

Ok so that's not entirely tue. i am on my iphone (couldn't you tell?), but I got to work just fine. I know my office is in manhattan. Yet concerninly, Apple'a new maps app does not.
How Apple, Google And Microsoft Cut Their Tax Bills
Zuckerberg Talks Winklevii In New Leaked IMs
Do These Yelp Reviews Go Too Far?
Rapper DMX Googles Self, Hilarity Ensues
Apple Store May Go On Strike The Day The iPhone 5 Comes Out
X PRIZE Foundation: The Good Grid and Why Bragging About Being "Off the Grid" Is Silly
One of the reasons we in the developed world are as rich as we are is our astonishing easy access to low-cost, clean, reliable electrical power.
Lisa Belkin: Getting The Girl: How Technology Helped Me Get Over My Wish For A Daughter
Wouldn't it be better to encourage this conversation among women, seeing it as an airing of the normal doubts and preference so many of us have, rather than shutting each other down?
Robert J. Elisberg: The Writers Workbench: Home Office
Creating a home office is pretty standard for writers these days, and for a large part of the workforce, as well. This month we look specifically at some of the details (large and even the small) that help fill out that home office space.
Yael Goldstein Love: An Open Letter to Fiction Writers
Fellow fiction writers, Let's be frank: we're not the healthiest-minded bunch. If we were we'd spend our days doing something more pleasant than writing fiction. But lately we seem to have taken a turn for the worse.
Rabbi Laura Baum: iPhone 5, I-It and I-Thou
When technology helps us be present and connect to others, it's a wonderful tool. But we also must be mindful of when we're using technology simply for its own sake and evaluate whether it is standing in the way of deeper connections.

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