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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
First I was married to a man who was totally wrong for me. He hid behind the newspaper for hours and ignored me when I tried to talk to him. Now I am married to a man who loves me to my toes, who takes his turn doing the dishes or cooking when we're home, and when he sees a certain look on my face that says the kitchen is closed, suggests we go out to dinner and a movie. The big secret? It's the same man.
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Tammy Carmona: 4 Gorgeous Ways To Make Your Fall Wedding Pop
Fall colors can be used everywhere on your big day, so follow these ideas to make your wedding fit in perfectly with the beauty of the season.
Pamela Haag: Proof That 'Opposites Attract' Marriages Work
The charming and maddening oddity of the athlete mixed marriage is that one spouse cannot live without something that the other spouse cannot imagine doing.
Jon Stein: The Gift You Really Want On Your Wedding Registry
So why do we register for wedding gifts? I recently got married myself, and I can suggest one reason. My future bride and I feared if we didn't give our guests some guidelines, they'd buy us gifts we really, really didn't need, instead of items we only sort of didn't need.

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