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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
"We are true cinema lovers, to the core," Kahlil Karn, founder of the four-year-old Oakland Underground Film Festival, told The Huffington Post.

His statement is no exaggeration: Karn is a projectionist for both the Sundance and San Francisco International Film festivals. And though his team members have worked on local film projects including Frameline, SF Indiefest and the Mill Valley Film Festival, Karn's baby is the Oakland Underground Film Festival, coming to the Grand Lake Theater and other East Bay venues this week.
WATCH: Video Of Bizarre BART Explosion Released
Huge Settlement Awarded To UC Davis Pepper Spray Victims
PHOTOS: Construction Site Unearths Original City Hall Ruins
Self-Driving Cars Are Now A Reality
George Heymont: Suicidal Farmers on Film
At the 2012 San Francisco International Film Festival, a series of films documented foreign farmers driven to suicide by their failure to pay off their debts. Watching wealthy Americans handle debt only reaffirms the rigged system.
Kevin P. Chavous: Parents 'Won't Back Down' From School Choice
Can a feature-length movie help promote the reform of our schools?
Paul Brandeis Raushenbush: Muslims Are Not Savages
We need to leave off the "savage" language and the mindset that is behind it. Instead Americans need to double down on the strength of our country which is our commitment to pluralism and respect of the other.
Barrett Keene: Why I'm Walking From Miami to San Francisco
On January 28, equipped with a backpack, laptop, cellphone, some Brooks running gear and a few energy bars, I started walking north from Miami on a 3,475-mile journey to San Francisco to raise awareness and support for orphans.
Dennis Danziger: Governor Brown's Modest Proposal
That's good news for day care providers, video arcade owners and sleep-a-way camp proprietors. Not so good for student learning. What does a 155-day public school year look like?

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