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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
To be all-American these days is a luxury proposition. A pair of domestic-made 501 Levi's? Those cost a cool 178 bucks. In cowboy terms, that's a boondoggle.

Mike Catherwood, 33, admits as much. The co-host on the radio advice show "Loveline" has been trying to buy only American-made products as part of a year-long experiment chronicled on his Domestic Journey blog.
Walmart Doles Out Counterfeit Cash
How Debt Landed Me In Kosovo -- And Then In Iraq
Bad News For Prince
BofA Website Outages Reported
WATCH: Cop Allegedly Writes Parking Ticket Before Meter Expires
Jane Devin: My Inglorious 53% Story: Living (Way) Below the Poverty Line and Paying Taxes
While Romney's view of the poor is that of shiftless, lazy beggars who are content to live from one handout to the next, I know a more authentic and firsthand truth.
Noah Kass: Communicating With a Business Partner: Ask Noah
Don't dissect! As business consists of many small activities, responsibilities, decisions and interactions it's necessary not to over-analyze every single transaction. Sometimes silence is best. Sometimes we all just need to be agreeable.
Laura Rowley: Why Post 50s Aren't Saving Enough For Retirement
A new study by the National Center For Policy Analysis looks at how spending among baby boomers has changed in the last 20 years, in an effort to understand why they aren't saving more for retirement. What category saw the biggest change in spending?
Lilly O'Donnell: My $60,000 Ivy League Degree Was Just a Pyramid Scheme
Now it's two months after graduation. I have an Ivy League master's degree, but I certainly don't feel $60,000 smarter. In fact, I feel a bit like I've snapped out of the piper's trance, only after stepping off the cliff.
Jeanette Pavini: The Best Ways to Organize Your Coupons
Nothing worse than clipping a great coupon and then letting it expire. If you create an effective organization system for your coupons, you will be much more likely to use them before they're outdated and you'll breeze through checkout without fumbling through a wad of paper.

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