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Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012
One of the ways that people cope with divorce is jumping from relationship to relationship -- or getting over someone by getting under someone else. When you're dating after divorce, is it ever okay to sleep around?
What Elin Nordegren Is Doing Now
5 Money Matters You MUST Attend To Post-Split
You Won't Believe What This Supermarket Is Selling
5 Reasons To Get A Quickie Divorce
The 8 Nastiest Athlete Splits
Janis Spindel: The One Thing You Should Always Do On A Date
Getting back into the dating world after divorce can be tough
Mark A. Barondess: Why Your Kids Should Be At The Forefront Of Your Split
There is no aspect of marriage, and for that matter divorce, that engenders more potential emotional or financial mayhem than children and the issues of child custody.
Robin Amos Kahn: How I Overcame The Darkest Post-Divorce Days
Grief overcame me like a dark cloud. I felt so much sadness that I thought I'd drown.

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