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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012
"This is not what Rachel Carson would have wanted for her 50th anniversary present."

Mardi Mellon, senior scientist with the non-profit Union of Concerned Sciences, referred to the pending rollout of crops engineered to be resistant to "one, two, three, perhaps more herbicides." The resultant "dousing" of crops with larger quantities of a multiple poisons, Mellon said, is not exactly the future Carson sought with the publication of her landmark book, "Silent Spring," on Sept. 27, 1962.
Are Mountain Lions Recolonizing Connecticut?
Chevron Pays $17.3 Million Fine For Brazil Oil Spill
Washington Gridlock May Save Solar Tax Credit
Unexploded Bombs Pose Risk To Offshore Drilling
Wyoming Coal Mine Slapped With Safety Violations
Wendy Gordon: Safe Home, Healthy Pets
Their lives are spent playing on lawns and sleeping on floors and as a consequence often have higher exposures to lawn and garden pesticides and to harmful chemicals in household products that can accumulate in dust.With these common exposures come shared risk.
David Wild: "Bein' Green": A Colorful Playlist for the 22nd Annual Environmental Media Awards
Since 1991, The Environmental Media Awards have honored those who use the red hot glare of popular art to further this worthy cause. There will be a lot of big stars there -- all of whom realize that we better make sure we can keep seeing the real stars in the sky.
Matt Rand: New Study: Catch Shares Can Conserve Fish and Fishing Jobs
It may seem counter-intuitive for an environmentalist to say this, but what we've learned is that giving fishermen a stake in protecting the oceans is by far the most effective away to turn declining fisheries around."
Robert Schrader: Is Bali a Lost Cause?
Unfortunately, enjoying Bali is easier vowed than done.
Kate Orff: Oil Photos: How Petrochemicals Are Ruining the American Landscape
Our study into the human and environmental impacts of petrochemical production reveals a disturbing and imminent truth: the American landscape is not as beautiful as we dream.

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