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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012
'47 Percent' Remark Hurts Romney In Swing States
WATCH: Obama Touts 'New Economic Patriotism' In 2-Minute Ad
Nazi Artifact Came From Outer Space, Scientists Say
Is It Any Good?
WATCH: 'Bagel Heads' Are Asia's New Beauty Trend
Joan Walsh: What We Can't Afford to Do Again
No matter what's going on in the world, the right can find a cultural issue that will get the left to fight itself, to atomize into little groups, and to give voice to factions that frighten Americans on the sidelines -- often, the left-out white middle and working class -- and the country winds up the worse for it.
Michael Ian Black: Why I Love Derek Jeter and Dislike Mitt Romney
How I wish I had Mitt Romney's talent. Wish I could, through my own financial prestidigitation, transform a dollar bill into two, or two million. Where my admiration for Mitt Romney ends is at Owen Roberts International Airport, two miles southeast of George Town, the picturesque capital of Grand Cayman Island.
Menachem Rosensaft: President Obama's UN Speech: A Must-Read for Supporters of Israel
Especially in light of a new heavy-handed $6.5 million ad campaign by the Republican Jewish Coalition, all voters who are concerned about President Obama's position on Iran or continued U.S. support for Israel should -- no, must -- read the address he delivered to the UN General Assembly.
Naomi Wolf: The Vagina Travelogues
What do I take home from my week in the UK, talking about something as simple and valuable as the new science of female arousal and orgasm? It seems that female sexuality is still such a difficult and contested issue even to think about in mainstream media spaces.
Kenny Loggins: The Real Thing
Even though you may have put in years of sweat to attain your goal, there always seems to be this bizarre sense of surprise, right at that moment when it all comes true. Even though every bone in your body knew it was just gonna happen, when it actually does, I guarantee shock and awe.


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