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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Is Sleep Deprivation the Reason the Romney Campaign Is Blowing It?
Romney: 'My Campaign Is About The 100 Percent'
Health Care Tax Penalty To Hit Nearly 6 Million Uninsured People
'Running Out Of Time': Arctic Sea Ice Loss Hits Record Low
Shakira Is Pregnant!
Howard Fineman: Mitt Romney Goes Viral: Countdown Day 48
Romney's video proves to be a corollary to columnist Michael Kinsley's famous dictum that in politics, the biggest scandals arise when people say the most obviously true but usually unspoken things.
Robert L. Borosage: Senate Republicans Shaft the Vets
They'll salute the troops, march in the parades, celebrate the returning heroes, and call for larding more billions into the Pentagon. But a small jobs programs for veterans in need of work? Not this year, not before the election.
Marlo Thomas: The 2012 Emmy Women -- Great Roles, Killer Performances
Here's a look at some of this year's Emmy hopefuls -- along with a few actresses we wish had been nominated (Kyra Sedgwick? Hello? She's our female Columbo!). I'm sure you'll agree that, the envelope notwithstanding, all of the nominees have already proven themselves winners. Enjoy!
Jim Wallis: The Ethical Opportunity of a Video
Hopefully, this controversy can spark a national conversation about what we must do to respond to the painful numbers of Americans who are struggling so much, no matter how hard they work.
Brandi Chastain: The Importance of Determination
Most people remember me for my penalty kick that won the 1999 Women's World Cup for the U.S. -- and my bra-tastic celebration. But I want to be remembered for more.


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