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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
While all of the cameras and reporters are focused on the convention floor in Charlotte this week, there is a different story going on behind the scenes that hardly anyone has noticed. Beyond the political speeches, the patriotic bunting and all of those wonderful balloons, thousands of hotel, restaurant and convention employees are working hard behind the scenes to ensure the success of this event.

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George Fertitta: What Tourism Means To New York City
Over the past five years, the travel and tourism industry has become a driving force for New York City's economy, growing into the City's fifth largest industry and supporting more than 320,000 tourism related jobs. The success of New York City's travel and tourism industry has not happened by accident. It's been part of a strategic, five-borough economic development plan put forth by Mayor Bloomberg to help grow and diversify the economy.
Michael Nutter: How Hospitality Helps Philadelphia
Like many American cities, a significant subset of our population remains in poverty, lacking the skills needed to fill many of the jobs the city has to offer. As mayor, it's my job to figure out how to both address our city's challenges and boost our assets and, whenever possible, find solutions that meet those two needs at the same time. The city's hospitality industry offers Philadelphia that solution.
Rossi Ralenkotter: Travel Key To Economic Recovery
This has been a record-breaking summer for the United States for more than just Olympic medals and stifling heat waves. The domestic travel industry broke its own set of records putting it on the leading edge of the nation's recovery. That's good news for America's economy and for the millions of workers whose jobs are supported by people traveling.
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake: Tourism An Important Pillar Of Growth For Urban Economies
As thousands of Democratic National Convention delegates descend on the great City of Charlotte, North Carolina, mayors across the country are reminded of just how important our convention, tourism and hospitality industries are for our local economies. In Baltimore, we have made smart investments in tourism to promote our city as a desired destination for large conventions, sports fans and the casual weekend traveler. These investments have had major impact on the city as a whole and the well-being of all of our residents.

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